October 20, 2015

GoodWord “Thanks Tahaj ep” OUT NOW!!!


Available @ www.bpos.bandcamp.com

In Memory of “The Thanks Martin Mixtape,” comes the “Thanks Tahaj ep.”  All beats for the album were produced by one of the Bay Area’s most prolific up and coming Producers, Tahaj the First.  BPos followers might remember Tahaj for his production work on “Pos Tapes Vol.II,” including the singles, “Dope” and “Double Trouble.” Well, here is some brand new music that will have you listening to every word while never missing a beat.
The album features cuts from Dj’s S.t.a.t.i.k and E-Train along with MC’s Khafre, D-Wiz, Mazta i, Tahaj the First.  All recording, mxing and mastering was done by D-Wiz at Dealership Studios.
The Thanks Tahaj ep is being released by DrumDealerMusic.
Release date 10-20-15


Here we go.  Yes another laugh attack visual from Goodword in association with Bay Biz Films.

Everybody has a “friend” like this. They always think they deserve an opportunity that you have more than you do. Whether its a beer, a good chip, or a fine lil beezy, they wanna step in between U and a good opportunity.

From the album the “Thanks Tahaj ep

“The Ring Ft. Tahaj the First”
In this video by Bay Biz Films, Goodword and Tahaj perform their own rendition of a Rocky training montage.  This involves drinking, smoking, drinking chocolate eggs and plenty more ridiculous shenanegans that you might just need to see to believe.
From the album the “Thanks Tahaj ep
For those that like to be able to read the lyrics, we made these nest 2 videos…

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