Group Name: BPos (pronounced “Be Pause”)
Orgin: San Francisco, Berkeley, CA

Although the members of this group have history that dates back to 2004, BPos, short for Be Positive officially formed in 2008. The members are Khafre, D-Wiz, Goodword, Mazta I and DJ Johnny Venetti. They are a Hip-Hop group from San Francisco that is coming with a less mainstream sound than most people are used to hearing nowadays. The general response is “Refreshing.” The sound has a 90′s vibe with intelligent & current content and composition. Since 2008, Bpos has put out 3 Full-length albums, “The Upside,” “Pos Tapes,” “Positive Beings” as well as a 3 part Mixtape series. BPos has performed with many local acts such as Souls of Mischief, Casual, Pep Love, Zion I, as well as broader and more National Acts such as Brand Nubian, Jean Grae & Masta Ace.

Recently, BPos released their 3rd Full Length Album, Positive Beings on July 22, 2014.

Their Vision: To release positive and truthful messages and stories that will uplift the community and the world as a whole.


BPos on Twitter: twitter.com/bposmusic
BPos on Facebook: facebook.com/bposmusic
BPos on Instagram: instagram.com/bposmusic
BPos Music: bpos.bandcamp.com