October 17, 2014

[New Video!] Party Mardi

Check our new music video, that just released, PARTY MARDI off our Positive Beings Album!!  From Meatloaf to Jugglers to Goldfish to B+ Condoms, we are having hella fun with our #PosFam in this! Thanks to all who were a part of this and shout out to Brian Storm of Dream Chaser Films for the visual!!


Party and share this with a your party people!



September 19, 2014

[September 22, 2014] BPos to guest perform @ Motown on Mondays, SF @ Madrone Art Bar

Now this is exciting! Motown Mondays is a crackin’ Weekly that goes down nationwide!! BPos will be one of the first groups to perform at this weekly and we’re excited.  We’ll be doing some of our original songs PLUS some of our songs and freestyles over Mowtown Instrumentals cut up by our own DJ Johnny Venetti of course.  Be there. 9/22/2014. Get there early, the line is usually around the corner.  Our set is at 11pm.



Update: Picture Collage below…we had a ball!


September 16, 2014

[September 17, 2014] Bpos Performs @ “The Cypher” @ The Back Bar, San Jose CA

We’ll be doing a set at the longest running open mic cypher event in San Jose!  Wednesday, September 17, 2014.  We will go on around 11pm.  Hope to see you there our #SanJose #Posfam!


September 15, 2014

[Flicks] A few stills from our “Party Mardi” Video Shoot

We had fun this past weekend shooting the video to our next release, Party Mardi! Check out some of the flicks. Video coming soon…

pardimardiflicks1  pardimardiflicks2

pardimardiflicks3  pardimardiflicks4

August 27, 2014

Thank You #PosFam!

Dear #PosFam, yeah, that would be YOU!!! Thank you sooooo much for your support last night at our #PositiveBeings album release Party at Brick & Mortar Music Hall. Even if you couldn’t make it out, its alllll good. We hope to see you on the next one. We had funnnnn. Please support our art and cop the album on #itunes if you havent already (Here is the link: http://bit.ly/1qL3hgX). And the movement continues. #PosFam unite.


August 25, 2014

NEW BPos Stickers! – Come out to our Release Party Tomorrow 8/26 and get yours for FREEEEEEE 99!


Come out to Brick & Mortar Music Hall in SF TOMORROW 8/26 and get your Official BPos Sticker for FREEEEEEE

See Below or CLICK HERE for more info!


August 22, 2014

BPos’ Own Khafre Jay speaks on Bay Area’s KPIX 5 about Hip Hop and making Hip Hop 4 Change

BPos’ Own Khafre Jay spoke on Bay Area’s KPIX 5 about Hip Hop and making Hip Hop 4 Change!

Date of Interview: 8/21/2014


August 21, 2014

[#TBT Video!] BPos Performs “Party Mardigra”, live at The New Parish, Oakland – 4/24/2014

August 17, 2014

[FLICKS + Instagram Vid] BPos’ In-Studio Performance on KALX 90.7 UC Berkeley Radio on 8/16/2014

kalx1 kalx2

August 14, 2014

[Interview] BPos’ GoodWord speaks to Amoeba Music


Read part of interview below, full interview on Ameoba Website here.

Amoeblog: Its been two years since the last BPos release. How long did it take to make this album and how was the process?

Goodword: We actually started making this album over two years ago. We just weren’t sure exactly what we were doing. We were just trying to stay creative and just continued to make new songs while we were finalizing our last album, Pos Tapes: The Album. Some of these songs are [actually] older then that though. We had a couple in the vault that were hella rough but once we we revisited them and fine-tuned them, they were right up to date. Over the two years between releases we actually made way too many songs so it was really hard to narrow it down. We were really fond of a lot of the songs that got cut. But we came up with a criteria for choosing what tracks made the album. Basically songs that had any type of negative message in them didn’t make it. However there are a couple songs on here that might sound a little condescending toward certain people. But those songs made it because they were too good. And they were condescending toward negative individuals. And we all know, two negatives equal a positive, right?

Amoeblog: What is the one thing you would hope listeners take from listening to the new album?

Goodword: The idea is that people will dance and enjoy themselves the same way they would while listening to any type of rap music, but with this one, they might come across some new information they can take with them without realizing it. And they are gonna feel this positive vibration.
Amoeblog: Production wise how is this new album different from previous BPos productions?

Goodword: We just keep getting better in the studio. We are more efficient. So we use our time to the fullest. We’re up to our same old tricks of showing respect to a lot of our influences by referencing them through samples. I’m mostly proud of how we did it this time around tho. Production wise, this is our best work yet without a doubt.
Amoeblog: How much of a difference to the overall BPos vibe has the addition of new member Gyrl Ab’Strakt added?

Goodword: Sheba aka Gyrl Ab’Strakt definitely brought a whole new realm of creativity. Kinda opened a new avenue for us. It’s working out really well because lyrically we really need the female perspective for the topics we touch on. She plays her role in the group really well. Hopefully we can expand on that in future projects.